My Story

My Faith Story from 1982……


I was a 6th grader when my Father decided to leave us.  My mother did not have anyone to turn to at the time and called into a prayerline on television. Soon after we were both asked to accept Christ as our savior and people came to watch over us and help. Getting baptized and involved in a church was the next step.

So out of something bad was something great. It was only 5 years ago when I found out my Father decided to accept Christ as well, but I cant say he is walking with Christ.


Both of my parents divorced soon in 1982 and I lived with my Mother for most of my life.  I had been in a Christian School setting all of my life.  Getting through it was the hard part. Living a sheltered life from drugs, alcohol and other teenage habits can be good and bad. Although I never got addicted to any of those things,

I have seen what some of these vices can do to people and I suppose figuring out that none of those things will make you happy is a good thing.


I realize that God’s grace and love came to rescue us in our time of need.  God kept my Mother and me from all of the bad stuff in the world. She was able to find a job and support both of us through my years of high school and some college. God also sent a teacher from my high school to help guide my life and help out my Mother on financial needs. This teacher has welcomed us into her bigger family not just Christ’s Family.  


I really don’t know where my life would have went if My Father decided to leave us.  Things may have turned out differently.  God can do miracles and I wont forget that the rest of my life. The way he provides for me is unbelievable at times. I could never keep track there are so many.