Mom Update 9-10-2022

It was December 27 when the story began with a hospital visit for pneumonia and ended with a stroke. The move to Saint Mary Home nursing home was fairly straightforward but with great emotional pain. The good thing in all of this is Mom doesn't have any anxiety and feels no pain of being permanently in a new space. Her mind with the past experiences were mostly intact as she could not really remember what was going on in the present. Her responses would be short in speech. Most answers were yes and no. Lots of comments were "I love you." and "thank you." 

After two months it was evident that going forward she would not recover and Mom would be a resident. Over the next few months Mom would start her end of life process. The summer months were really noticeable with the weight and memory loss. There would come a time that she would stop eating. It's a very difficult to witness the process. Other than myself she does get visits from the hospice team every other week. 

Home life has changed a great deal as there is a real emptiness. The last 10 years I would have never thought being home alone would be my destiny. Mom was always there and I never even had to lock my doors. The TV and lights were always on when I left and returned. The next chapters begin.

The video below is when Mom first came to the East Coast.  So many great memories.